03 April 2007

The storyhopper.com frogs team

This was just the kind of project that I enjoy doing very much and hopefully the fun that I had working on it can be seen in the final result.

This is the whole set of frogs for storyhopper.com, 10 avatars and the website logos.
All of the characters and especially the logo were supposed to look like some old stickers to fit the web site's theme: old scrapbook journal. I collaborated on this project with B-media Research and especially with my colleague and friend Stefan Lazar who works for B-media and is also an amazing web designer who did an outstanding job with the design of storyhopper.com. The site will be very soon released and it's supposed to be a website for creative kids and their wonderful stories.


  1. Wow, I really love these! You really did an awesome job making them look authentic and retro, and I love how dimensional and 'glassy' their eyes look! The characters are a lot of fun, too. The boy frog in the upper left and the girl frog n the lower left are my faves.

  2. Ooops...I meant the woman frog with the glasses in the upper left! Cute!

  3. I love this frogs!
    They are so fashion and cute.
    Great work!
    Mi piace il tuo blog!

  4. oh cute! These frogs look so funny! :)